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Dolphincrash was once the aspirational business venture owned by Zach Swerdzewski. Though long-defunct, I bought this website in 2021 to carry on the Dolphincrash legacy. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, why have you not watched Big Brother 8? 

Here, just watch this video.

No Context
Big Brother

I run an account called No Context Big Brother on twitter and other places. Follow me for twice-daily doses of assorted Big Brother moments that make you question why you watch this show. 

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"We really are spoiled for choice when it comes to reality TV content on YouTube and yet Barfbag is easily the best Reality TV YouTuber. This was so good."
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"Incredible video as always! You put in so much work into your graphics and music, plus you're easily the most informative content creator on Big Brother. Excited to see more in the future!"
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“I expected a great video and I still got the unexpected. Thank you for another top tier deep dive into one of the most niche subjects not just on the internet, but in the BB community. 👑”
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