Aerial Assault: The History of Banner Planes over the Big Brother House

Today I’m bringing you the first installment in a new series breaking down the long complicated and at times unhinged history of the Big Brother fandom. Mostly because deep dives into the weird intricacies of fandom culture is an entire genre on youtube now. But for a show like Big Brother, understanding the viewpoint of the fans themselves is arguably more relevant compared to most other reality shows.

And I couldn’t think of a better first topic for this series than the lost art of fans hiring planes to fly banners over the Big Brother house. It’s dramatic, it’s over the top, and it is always hilarious to me. Just to be able to witness how invested and motivated some fans can get. Even if it does kind of violate the sanctity of the game in which keeping things secret is pretty important. But if you’ve ever felt that hopeless urge to astrally project into the house to alter the game then perhaps you’ll appreciate the stories of those fans who have transcended the barrier. This is the history of the aerial assault of the Big Brother fandom. 

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