The Definitive History of Dolphincrash

I set out to set the record straight on an absolute legend of legends. A goofball that everyone tried to ignore. Yet he persisted, and that Dolphincrash logo was staring us in the face every episode.

So I bought the website.

Today’s topics include

  • “The Last Guy They Threw On” – How & why did Zach stumble his way into the Big Brother 8 cast?
  • “Pervert Shrek” – How Zach transformed into the house ogre. #Rogre
  • “The Muscle” – Wait, is this guy about to win the season?
  • “His inventions” – My exploration into Zach’s aspirational surfwear brand. And how I bought the website by getting drunk & DM’ing one of my favorite BB Alumni
Other Stuff
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